Silicon Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

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Does your dog keep messing up your cleaned floors? Don’t worry! This Paw Cleaner Cup is what they need! 

We love dogs but they always leave dirty footprints on your floor! Solve this issue with the Dog Paw Cleaner Cup! It helps remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws, keeping the mess in the cleaning cup and not in your house!


Key Benefits:

  • Save that extra time! The Dog Paw Cleaner Cup cleans your dog's paws thoroughly in just a matter of seconds.
  • Turn heads everywhere you use the cleaner cup knowing other people won’t already have this - as it isn’t available in stores
  • Save the PLANET instead of using and throwing away all those paper wipes clean the paws using only water 
Simply put your dog's paw into the washer and rotate it. The soft silicone bristles can even massage your dog's paw. It's time to say goodbye to muddy and dirty floors whenever your beloved pet comes home after frolicking in your backyard!

Automated Rotating Bristles  

Our cleaners present a feature that no other paw cleaners are currently providing. Using the handle on the side of our cup, you can give a quick squeeze to make the inner bristles of the cleaner rotate. This gives the paw of your pet a deeper clean and gets more dirt and grime off your pet and into the trash.

Premium Look and Feel
Most pet foot cleaners are made of a very hard cheap-feeling plastic, while our paw cleaners are made of silicone for a more premium softer touch. 

How to use it?
Just 2 easy steps!

Available in two different sizes to suit all dogs

S suits small to medium dogs, M suits large dogs

Material: Soft silicone