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When you use a collar the pressure is directed at the neck and pulling on it may cause injuries in small and delicate dog breeds. On the other hand, a harness distributes the pressure on the back and entire body

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Why this is the Best Selling Harness ? 

  • MORE CONTROL: Our harness will allow you to properly control your excited pooch when it tries to go after a bird, cat or a dog on the pavement or public park.

  • SAFETY: As they are secured in a way that they cover an extended area of the body, it goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest. This will completely restrict the pooch from escaping or running into traffic.

  • LESS PULLING: The leash is fixed to a hook on the canine’s back in between its shoulders and discourages pulling by directing the forward motion in the opposite direction.

  • NECK AND TRACHEA INJURIES CAN BE AVERTED: Pulling a leash attached to a collar puts immense strain on the pooch’s neck area. The obvious consequence of this will be an injury. In some cases, such injuries are difficult to detect initially as there may not be a sudden sensation of pain, but the discomfort may crop up gradually due to the worsening of the condition. Some small breeds have fragile bones in their necks and just one pull on the leash tied to a collar can lead to a serious neck injury and severe pain.

  • NO ENTANGLEMENTS: A pup will not be able to tangle itself or you if the leash is attached to its backside with a harness.

  • PREVENT OCULAR PROPTOSIS: Ocular Proptosis is the protruding of the eyeballs from their sockets. The dog’s eyes appear to be bulging out of the eyelids. The pressure created around the neck area by a collar can cause this critical condition.

  • MULTIPLE COLOR CHOICES: Find one that fits your dog's personality.

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No Pull Dog Harness allows for a fun, safe and controlled walking experience. The main connection on the back of the harness tightens gently around the chest to discourage pulling behavior and avoid putting pressure on their throat and neck.

The harness must be removed once the dog is back home after finishing its outdoor stint. Continuous use can cause the fur to tangle and also irritate the dog’s skin. 


Did you know over 1.2 million dogs are killed every year in road-related accidents? And that’s just in America alone!

This statistic makes us sick to our stomach.

In an effort to reduce this number and make sure a tragedy like this doesn’t strike your family, we made sure to equip our harness with special reflective material.

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This ultra-reflective material is sewn into the front strap of the harness, leading to drastically increased nighttime visibility.

We are very proud to be selling a harness that not only makes for more pleasurable walks but also saves lives!

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Based on mathematical equations, each Harness size has a high-quality chest strap designed with a specific size and angle for effective load distribution.

Breathable and lightweight soft sponge will give your dog an extremely comfortable experience. And it Looks Great on all dogs.

Personalize your Harness

Every dog is unique, so why not his harness too? You choose what you want to print on your unique harness, whether it's your dog's nickname, other funny names or your phone number. Another advantage is, if you ever lose your dog or he runs away, then people who find him will know how to reach you.
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We are glad that 99% of our customers rate this harness with 5 stars. 

Here are some real customer feedbacks: 

"Bought this harness (size large and in black) for my 3 month old Siberian Husky (who pulls allot) and it's great. At first I though it might be to big but you can adjust the size of the harness considerably to make it fit perfectly. I expect a size large will fit him when he is fully grown. It looks good, it's made of quality materials, lots of padding, and the reflective trim is a great addition, especially for night time walks. For the price, it's a great harness." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️James S.

"We bought it in L for our samoyed boy, it fits perfectly. Easy to put it on, he likes it, we're also happy with it. The harness supports the easy leash walkies. I recommend it!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ben F.
"I would definitely recommend this harness! it’s good quality and comfortable for a dog. I ordered size L for my border collie and works perfectly!"
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Tiffany G. 



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