Lux Jacket - Denim Coat Jeans

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Keep your pet friend nice and warm in chilly weather.

This excellent Denim Coat is a must-have for your winter outings.

The coat is easy to fit, warm, and comfortable to the skin thanks to its soft fleece lining.

Dog Denim Jacket

Product Features

  • Breathable Coat made of denim, cotton, and fleece
  • Fastens quickly with three snap buttons
  • Great attention to detail for an awesome end product


To determine the perfect fit, we recommend measuring your pet's chest, and back length. Please allow enough room to accommodate two fingers between the measuring tape and your pet's and chest (approx. extra 0.5-1 inch or 1-2 cm). We want a snug and yet comfortable fit for our furry little friends!

Also, keep in mind that sizing up is strongly advisable for growing puppies.




Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.